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      Our Story...

      Warrior Unlimited Apparel is a veteran owned and operated company out of Beavercreek Ohio. It was founded by an Army veteran in 2016. 

      On November 16, 2016 the founder was having an occasional chat with his best friend Eric where he presented the idea of making an apparel company to keep the “military pride going after the uniform was hanged up”. Four days later our founder was visiting a local church with family and friends when the pastor call him up front for prayers. To his surprise the pastor told him right then, “you are about to open a new company, its going to be successful.” He was shock because no one knew about this idea or the chat. On November 30, 2016 Warrior Unlimited Apparel was born.

      The company had an official launch in July 27, 2017 where 100s of customers and fans purchased 100s of items and till this day it hasn’t stop.  

      Since 2017 Warrior has been involved in the veteran community supporting, collaborating and donating to ensure veterans are taken care off. Now the company expands from Ohio, were we run from two residential properties, to North Carolina, Michigan, and Nevada. 

      In 2019 Warrior Unlimited Apparel officially became a registered brand under the name Warrior Unlimited®. 

      Some of the organizations that we support include: 

      The Salute Military Golf Association  
      America's Freedom Lodge 

      And many other local Ohioan organizations. 

      Our Founder & CEO, Ken or K-Ro as people call him, served in many infantry and strategic units conducting intelligence and counterintelligence operations while deployed for the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT). His career has been exemplary with many national level awards for his work and professionalism in operations against America's enemies to include national level awards from the Department of Defense Director of National Intelligence.

      Position Statement

      Warrior Unlimited Apparel is an innovative statement of pride and patriotism. When you wear Warrior Unlimited Apparel, you are declaring your membership within an elite tribe. Built with mental toughness and resiliency that has become ingrained into your DNA, you are someone who takes on any task with confidence. You are driven. You succeed in life. You are the warrior of your own world. - Warrior Unlimited Apparel CEO.

      Purpose Statement:

      We believe in empowering others to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

      Mission Statement:

      Warrior Unlimited Apparel: designing innovative styles to empower a nation united in patriotism and pride.

      Our Values

      1) Instill PRIDE in people to live their best lives

      2) Unify Americans by re-igniting PATRIOTISM

      3) Reinforce mental RESILIENCY

      4) EMPOWER others through positivity